Body Piercing

Body Piercing

Elevate Your Style with Professional Body Piercing

At Just You Beauty Salon, we offer a comprehensive range of body piercing services, including ear, nose, lip, brow, navel, nipple, and dermal piercings. Our ‘No Touch Piercing’ method ensures the safest way to have your ears pierced, using sterile products, hygienic methods, and skin-friendly jewellery.  We prioritise your skin and health, providing a safe and comfortable piercing experience.

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Experience the Benefits of Expert Body Piercing

Our professional body piercing services not only enhance your personal style but also boost your confidence. We use Blomdahl’s medical simultaneous ear piercing for children, ensuring a quick and safe process. With skin-friendly materials, even those with allergies can enjoy stylish piercings without worry. Choose from carefully selected plastic or pure medical-quality titanium for your piercings.

Who Can Benefit from Our Body Piercing Services?

Our body piercing services are perfect for anyone looking to make a stylish statement or explore new forms of self-expression. Whether you’re new to body piercing or looking to add to your collection, our expert team provides personalised care and attention. We ensure a smooth, safe, and satisfying experience for every client.