Float Tank

Float Tank Karratha

Give Yourself A Well-Deserved Break From The Stresses Of Day-To-Day Living

Imagine feeling weightless and deeply relaxed as your body is freed from gravity and tension. You have a profound sense of focus and clarity as your mind takes a timeout from the stresses of daily life.

Here at Just You Beauty Salon you can experience heightened states of relaxation, promote recovery times and enhance your creativity in our Float Tank.

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Major Benefits of Floating

1. Stress Management

We all know stress is a killer.  Research is coming out constantly on the importance of stress management.  In the zero-stimulus environment of Float Tank, one becomes very aware that we are actually creating our own stress. Nothing external to us has any power over us.  This becomes very obvious in a float tank as there is nothing to stress you out in there other than what you’re thinking about.

2. Pain Relief

The effects of gravity are minimized do to the supersaturated Epsom Salt and water solution. The body floats effortlessly! Your body is literally suspended, free of any pressure points. This allows for every muscle to completely relax, thus allowing your joint to decompress aiding in the release of pressure and reducing pain and muscle tension.

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Float Tanks

3. Total Relaxation

The benefits of total relaxation and meditation are being widely publicized and it seems like everyone and their mother’s are jumping on this trend.  However, how effective are you at meditation? With minimal sensory input entering the body, you can become very aware of what’s going on the inside.  You become much more aware of bodily sensations and your thoughts.  Once we cut the amount “noise” around us, we can really see just how effective we are at quieting the mind.

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